The Verdissimo Group is the world’s largest producer of preserved flowers and plants. Preserved flowers are a 100% natural and a virtually maintenance-free decorative solution.

The preservation process allows us to create a unique product that combines the best of two worlds: The unique beauty of a natural plant combined with the durability of an inert object.

The Verdissimo Group has sales in over 40 countries and +500 employees. The group has sites and state-of-the-art production facilities, fields and greenhouse installations for optimum growing conditions and product quality in Colombia, Spain and Ecuador.


Since the creation in 1988 in Paris, France, the Verdissimo brand has represented high-end preserved flowers, foliage and trees for unique and sustainable interior decoration and design.

Throughout the years, Verdissimo’s know-how and proprietary technology has been continuously improved to obtain an exclusive and reliable product. From the beginning and thanks to the loyalty of our customers around the world, the Verdissimo group maintains it position as the market leader in terms of product range, production capacity and technology. The Verdissimo Group is a supplier for numerous companies world-wide including Disney, Interflora and Chopard.